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Are you searching for Scrap My Car or Junk My Car Services? Your vintage banger has sooner or later given up the ghost. You have to scrap your car. But don’t know how to do this. Don’t take any hassle. Junk My Car solve all the issues of selling your vehicle. It is simple to scrap a car and get your price. Scrap my car is the best scrap car recycling industry in the UK. If your car is a non-runner, MOT failure, no more prolonged need or ready to be recycled, and you want to sell it and get a reasonable price for it, we’ll ready to buy your car for scrap. 

Then your vehicle will be recycled in line or repaired if needed with the law at a legal and authorized car scrapping center. Once your vehicle is scrapped, you will get a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. It is a proof that shows that your car is appropriately scrapped with responsibility. Here our crew at scrap my car comparison can take care of it and provide a free comparison service.


Scrapping a car may look like an intimidating and tough task, but it is a straight-forward process. No worry if your vehicle has been in an accident, MOT failure, needs to recycle, or crashed scrapping is the best choice. It will help you in many ways. Many people do this and get many advantages from scrapping their cars. Many reasons insist on people abandoning their vehicles.


According to the latest updates, if your car is scrapped and has a Certificate of Destruction, then almost ninety-five% of your vehicle has been recycled consistently with the government objectives in the UK. Legal processes have recycled your vehicle. That is produced from eighty-five % recycling and restoration rates and an extra 10% from power generated from the combustion of elements that may be recycled. 


There are several reasons that people consider scrapping their cars:

  • Uneconomical repairs
  • Seized Brakes
  • MOT failure
  • Crashed Car
  • Engine Failure
  • Gearbox Failure
  • No longer need

Where you want to scrap your car with the above negative reasons, some positive ideas also exit that force us to scrap your car, just like:

  • Freeing up the existing parking space for other vehicles.
  • Conversion an old car to a new model car.
  • To give you a chance to buy a new car for your family.


The process of car scrapping is straight-forward and simple. This process depends on the car and the price of scrap steel at that time when your vehicle is being scrapped. This is the process that combines efficiency and conservation. 

Junk My Car make our car scrapping process very convenient and straight-forward for our customers so that they can easily say that it is a straight-forward and efficient process. To make our car scrapping process easy, we divide our process into two simple methods:



In the UK, many other car scrappers charge the fee for the collection of your car from your home, and some other car scrapping companies have hidden charges for the collection. But junk my car ensure that our buyers work very honestly.  Whatever the conditions exist, our buyers work sincerely in all the aspects. Our buyers, collect your car from you free of cost as well as the quote you take for delivery of is what you’ll get, guaranteed. We make car scrapping simple without any extra or hidden charges.



Once you got to know the online quote and accepted it, our experienced crew of buyers will be in contact with you and discuss all the aspects with you. And if you have any questions or queries about our service, they will answer them. After this, our buyers will in touch to arrange the best and convenient time for the collection of your car. Customer satisfaction is our priority. So as long as the car is accessible by a recovery car. Our buyers will always collect the vehicle from you on that date and time, which is convenient for both parties.


Scrap My Car is a well reputed and well known Car Scrapping Comparison firm. Our talented, experienced crew with trustful buyers works everywhere in between the UK. You can rely on us confidently to get the best prices for your vehicle. Scrap my car offers the best prices and comparisons in all around the UK. 

We are proud of ourselves because Junk My Car have an honest team and provide our best services to our customers. You can send your car for scrapping and can get the best price comparisons and best facilities nationwide.


Every year more than 2 million cars are scrapped. Whether the customers want to upgrade their vehicle to a newer model, facing the MOT failure of their car, facing expenses of car repairing after a crash, or no longer need of their old car. In all situations, customers face the hassles of having to dispose of their vehicles, but that’s where our experienced, honest, and dedicated crew available.

With a vast network of national salvage buyers and a network of waste sites, Scrap My Car provide our most accessible way to compare price quotes and get the best price of your car. All you need is just to offer some essential information about your vehicle so that we are able to examine whether or not it is appropriate for salvage or whether or not it should be scrapped. 

After that, your vehicle’s records are entered into our system, that is made of the first-class salvage buyers and nice scraps throughout the United Kingdom. We hold all our buyers on the highest standards and provide our customers with the most professional and experienced vehicle disposal service in the industry and maintain our most top ranking.

All costs on scrap my car comparison are absolutely guaranteed and strong, it means that if the car is correctly defined, then our buyers will not negotiate the rate down at the time of collection of your vehicle. As we mentioned that there are no extra charges or hidden charges, so all our buyers work in our network with a fee-free collection of the vehicles. 

It means the rate you quoted is the charge you get hold on. We have made over 1 million collections all across the UK. We’ve gained a lot of experience by establishing a scrap and salvage collections across the United Kingdom. We have used our know-how to create a clean and streamlined procedure for our customers.

 Except for scrap cars, Check MOT History also buys damaged automobiles, typically cited inside the UK motor industry, as salvage cars. Salvaged motors have the possibility of being given a brand new hire of existence with the aid of being repaired and lower back to the street, or used for elements. This means that in case your automobile is eligible, it could be worth ways more than just its scrap weight. 

To test how a good deal your car is well worth for scrap, simply complete our brief quote form. As soon as you have input your automobile’s info in our site will run a price assessment via our community of buyers and generate a quote for you right away. If you would like to speak about the quote generated in more detail, you may ring, or request a call returned from our site.


In case if you want to find out about how much your scrap car is worth, we provide an online service by which you can easily find out the worth of your scrapped car. You just need to enter the registration number and postcode in our online simple quotes form.

 Our system will compare scrap and salvage prices from the national networks of all the buyers. This will ensure that you get the best price for your car in the UK. This is a very simple way to find out the worth of your scrap car. Scrap My Car is the best firm for scrapping.

The payment method varies from collector to collector, but in most instances, you may get hold of instantaneous charge upon collection. Most of the people of our creditors pay through immediate financial institution transfers; however, enterprise cheques also are a known and common form of payment within the enterprise. 

In some cases, cash payments become hazardous for our customers, so the protection of our clients is paramount. Due to current regulation, our buyers do no longer make payments in cash for cars destined to be scrapped or dismantled.

You not worry about this, and Junk My Car take care of this too. Because of our close partnership with our buyers, we collect your vehicle from you free of cost and send it to the Government Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), where it is safely processed and in line with all the present car and environment legislation and recycle it for you. 

This process is free for you. You can easily give us your car and our buyers will collect it. Our buyers do not charge you any fee. Although in some cases, people receive money from their vehicle, if it has not already been dismantled. This process in our service makes it convenient for our customers.