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How old is my car? Know the details of your car age free of cost

How old is my car? Are you worried about it? Then you are in the right place. We will let you know how old is your car. Here you can easily find the exact year of your car registration. If you want to know the registration date of your car, we will tell you the age of your car. 

What is the age of my car? 

If you have checked out the sequence of letters and numbers on your car registration plate but regular plates in the UK provide you information about what is the age of your car. It will also tell you where your car gets registration for the first time. UK’s number plates are quite different Registration plates show the year of registration in a few other countries, but you can easily understand at once how old is your car. 

While it leads to the number plate pretension and purchasers sticking around for the latest registration plate. It clearly shows how old is your car. Maybe this thing does not seem particularly important but it helps on occasion. For example, you buy an old car and we know as many cars serviced yearly, it will give you an idea that how many services it should have had. When you come to know the working of numbers and letters on the registration plate, it helps you to know how old is your car. 

But this information is not available on personalized plates as many people do in the UK. They change the number plate to the one your car came with. Many people follow this to personalize their cars.  

What is the working system of number plates?

A car lovers’ excitement increases when a new collection of cars put in the showrooms. All the new cars will have a 17 number plate that might confuse you.  But after grasping this guide you will come to know what everyone is debating. 

The car manufacturers release the new models of their cars in the month of March and September every year. It will help you to know that a new model is appropriating a considerable facelift. New number plates designate which year the car was produced in. 

Number Plates Explained 

The new number plate system was imported in September 2001. The sequence of the number of plates is currently used in the UK is two letters, then two numbers, and then three more letters- XX11 XXX. They will help you to know which month your car get the registration. 

What is the function of letters?

The two letters of the memory tags are the key identifiers that identified the vehicle registration number. The initial letter identifies the place while the second one show DVLA data. The last three letters used randomly and are designate how old is the car and allocate a unique identity. 

How did the number of plates work in the past?

XX11 XXX is the format used in the 1980s. The first letter which is known as age identifier indicates, how old is the car? At first, this alternated in August every year but in 1999, it was updated every six months and in 2001 it was changed entirely. To avoid confusion in using the letters, I, O, U, and Z never used as identifiers because of the similarities to numbers.  

A vehicle check will let you know the date of the first registration. 

To know, how old is my vehicle, is easily accessible even you don’t have to understand the number of plates. For your vehicle, the registration date will be mentioned in V5C or logbook. A DVLA and Check MOT History check will also let you know when the car was registered for the first time. 

 When to buy a car?

In March and September, new number plates come in the market because many old cars come on the market. Many automobile dealers trade up in the new-registration vehicles in these months, and you will find a good deal. Maybe your first choice will be a pre-registered vehicle, which considered a new car, but the dealer registered it personally. 

In this time of year, the dealers have a lot of stock to shift. To meet the sales target, the sales dealers sell new cars to themselves and then put the wheels on sale once again with an attractive discount. This system does not apply to personalized plates because of the exception of the rules. 


How you can find your vehicle is taxed and insured?

Ans. It is not an easy way to check the history of the car but, if you know your car reg number, you can easily check whether your car is taxed and insured

Is it not risky to drive a vehicle without insurance?

Ans. To drive a car without insurance is always remains risky. You need SORN if you want to stop the insurance and save the money by taking off your vehicle from the road.   

What are conciliatory/ diplomatic number plates?

Ans. If you noticed some odd number of plates on the road while travelling, these odd number plates are allocated to foreign embassies staff. These vehicles usually seemed to move near embassies areas. 

How many vehicles are in use of foreign diplomats?

Ans. It depends upon the diplomatic staff of a particular country. The small countries have less than 10 vehicles whereas big countries have more than a hundred vehicles in use. 

What is the theory behind the number plate system working?

Ans. As the new plate system is XX13XXX. It means that the first two letters represent the “local memory tag” which shows where the car is registered the first time. The third and fourth digits are identifiers and other letters are used randomly to make the vehicle unique from other cars. 


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