how much is my number plate worth

How Much is my Number Plate Worth? Get the Car History Now

How much is my number plate value?

How much is my number plate value?is very important to know before selling the car. At the selling of your personalized number plate, you will be surprised to know how much the valuation of it is. The private number plates will be a great benefit for you in the future as you can fetch your number plate for a few hundred pounds but you can earn thousands of pounds. The below-mentioned factors can help to grasp how much is your number plate worth?

How common is my private number plate?

The number of people searches for your number plate and commonality of your number plate shows that how much your number plate is worth. The similarity of other number plates to yours and the usage of common names and initials are the key factors to know the valuation of your number plate. 

Names and Numbers

If your private number plate spells a word, phrase, or name, you will get more cash expectedly than the usually registered number plates. The private number plates use number “1” worth more than the other registered number plates. The shorter amount of numbers/letters of your number plate tends to be worth more. 

Age of a private plate

The shorter number plates worth more, the reason because of these plates considered to be older. The short private number plates do not circulate as the long number plates as these plates were used about a century ago and they become rarer, and it becomes the utmost desire for the registration number hunters. 

How Does the Number Plate System Work? 

When a new car rolled off the production line and into the showrooms, the car lover excitement sky highed. All the latest cars will have 17 number of plates that can confuse you. But after you understand all the guides, you will come to realize what all the people talk about around you. The new car’s number plates clearly indicate which year they get registration for the first time. This will also show you how much is the worth of your number plate. 

The first letter indicates the registration city and the second letter tells about the DVLA local office, check your DVLA at Check MOT History

What is the value of the number plate having words?

If the number plate given to you makes a noticeable word (without creating any distortion in letters or having to peek too much replete. The popular words like ‘HORSE’, ‘Transformer’, ‘Turbo’, ‘Sexy’ are pleasantly profitable. 

Car model number plates are worth a bit too

Many car owners like to put their car models on the private number plates. The worth of number plate depends on the numbers of a similar car having the same numbers.

Here is the example of some car number plates. 

Is initials has the value that place on the number plate?

The initials really do matter if they are common, like ABS or JFK, and their high demand increase the worth of your number plate. For example, registration plates like A1 ABS worth more than the A1 CTS. The number of plates that make a name has more worth than the unfamiliar letters. 

Number Plate Style

Different styles of number plates have been used for the last hundred years or so. The old number plates are more worthy than the new ones in the market. Those number plates which have no date and generally known as dateless plates are always more valuable and popular. 

The new styles of number plates are introduced in 2001. If the new styles of number plates letters do not make a good name or word then their worth is not as much as the older number plates have. So generally the new styles have not more worth as the older plates. 

As the prefix number plates have more worth/valuation because they are not available generally. There are some examples of some initials on the prefix number plates. Suffix number plates have also more valuation because they are not available normally.

The number of plates which were issued until 1963 are dateless plates and their worth is the most because they have no age identifier. The cheapest number plates are Irish number plates which are available on the market and their prices start from around fifty pounds. 

Pricing a Registration for Sale or Auction

If you want to sell your registration, we will provide a valuation as we have years of experience. That can help you know about your number plate worth.

By our estimated price, we will be able to return to you when your number sold out. 

When you have decided to sell your private number then you should keep the important factor of pricing in your mind. Another thing which is very important to be aware that some dealers overprice your number for their own books. But their quotes prices are not achievable. As we have years of experience in the valuation of number plates, you will get a realistic valuation using the below-mentioned benchmark. 

  • The age and rarity of your vehicle number plate do matter in the valuation of the number. 
  • Names are represented initials. 
  • The significance of the number of plates, for example, low numbers are the most profitable. 
  • The comparison of new and old prices for the number of plates. 

You can disagree to follow our estimates to proceed further. The experience shows that reasonable pricing can produce quick results. When the selling price has been agreed, your registration can be seen on our website so the proposed acquirer can buy online through our website or over the telephone.    

Frequently Asked Question

Many factors can influence the worth of number plates than the others. The demand for the letter of your number plate and availability set the worth of your number plate. The digits also affect how much your number plate worth.

There are a lot of things that can influence your private number plate worth collectively.

Diplomatic number plates are those plates that are used by the foreign embassies staff. These are the special one’s mostly for the foreign of any country, it includes the consulates, and especially embassies.

The number of diplomatic vehicles uses depends upon the number of diplomats of different countries. The more the diplomats are in the UK the more they use diplomatic vehicles. For example, 2016 statics shows that Pakistan uses 103, and America uses 631 diplomatic vehicles.

Yes, we are always there to help you with the valuation of your car and give you a reasonable price quotation. We also put your database on our website for potential buyers and help to sell your reg car.

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