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What Car Valuation?

Whenever you decide to buy or sell the car, you must find out how much is the actual worth of your car. Car valuation is essential because you don’t want to pay extra money while buying. Similarly, when you decide to sell the car you can negotiate the price with the buyer. 

Why Choose Free Car Valuation?

By using our car valuation tool, you can easily find out the worth of your cars in minutes. You will be able to make an informed decision since you know the worth of your car. By putting only your car registration number you can find out the price of the car you want to buy or sell right away. 

What To Look for When Buying a Car?

By using our competent and effective car valuation tool you can easily find out how much your desired car is worth. After inserting the registration number you will get the option whether you are a buyer or seller.

Next four options will pop up:

  • Private Value
  • Part exchange value
  • Forecourt value
  • Quick sale value

These options will help you judge whether the seller is demanding a fair price or charging unreasonable profit from you.

What To Do When Selling a Car?

If you are selling a car, you will know how much your car is worth and how much you can demand. It allows you to negotiate the sale so no one can offer you less money than the market price of the car.

What is The Worth of My Car?

It is vital to find the value of a car whether you are buying or selling a car. you will get an up to date information on price based on your car number plate and its mileage. The valuation tool is quick and easy as it generates the value instantly.

You will get the following information from the valuation report:

  • The car registration date
  • MOT (Ministry of Transport) history
  • Private value: if the car is in good to excellent condition
  • Trade-in price: the price you should expect for part-exchange
  • Forecourt price: the price you expect to pay if you are buying from dealer or broker
  • Quick sale price: if you want to buy or sell quickly, this will be the price to expect

What are Factors That Affect The Value of a Car?

Normally, people think the year the car was made and its mileage determines the value of a car. However, it is not true. There are several factors both positive and negative that will decide the value of your car. Let’s take a look at a few of the factors provided by Check MOT History that can make a difference in the final sale price.

Factors That Increase My Car Value

Here is the list of factors that increase my car value:

Complete Service History

If the car is well maintained, its value will be higher. A complete and on-time service history increases the value of a car as a buyer knows the car is well kept and maintained.

No Damage

If the car is in excellent condition with minimal to no damages and scratches, its value will be higher as compared to damaged cars.

Color of the Car

Some colors are more popular in different models of the car the others. Therefore, if the color is more desirable to potential buyers they don’t mind paying some extra pounds for it.

Extra Features

Features like rear parking camera, back camera, latest navigation system, and sunroof or multimedia system increase the value of a car.

How the Car is Sold

The value of a car is also affected by where and how it is sold.

Factors That Reduce My Car Value

Here is the list of factors that reduce my car value:


If your car is modified its value will be less as compared to unmodified cars. Buyers prefer unmodified cars. Many insurance companies also refuse insurance for modified cars. If you are planning to sell the car in the future, it should be kept in mind that modifying it will reduce its value.

Wear and Tear

The cars that have scratches, odd stain or mark on the bumper will have a lower value than the scratch-less car. consider replacing the damaged parts or repainting the car, to increase its worth. People prefer the car in excellent condition without any wear and tear and damaged parts.

Broken Parts

If the car has damaged or broken parts, its value will be less.

No Up to Date MOT

If there is no evidence of car service history, the value of the car will be lowered as compared to well-maintained and regular car service. Similarly, there will be a negative impact on the value of the car if the car’s document is incomplete or if you fail to show the current MOT.

A Number of Previous Owners:

If the car has more owners its value will decrease. More the previous owner of the car, the less will be its value.

Why Should You Get a Car Valuation?

Car valuation will give you an idea about the worth of a particular car. Whether you are a buyer or seller or part exchanging the car if you know the market value of a car no on can sting you financially. Car valuation helps you in different aspects:

  • You are not paying an extra amount than the market value if you are a buyer.
  • Demanding more than market price means unreasonable demand. If you offer to sell the car at a low price you will lose out on cash.
  • If you want to part exchange the car, you are in a position to make an informed decision since you know the actual worth of the car.

Stay In The Know

You will find more information and answer all your queries related to car valuation in our guide. Moreover, there are many useful and handy tips available in our buying and selling section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is car free valuation?

Car free valuation allows you to find the actual worth or value of your car. When you know the worth of a car, no one can charge you extra money, similarly, if you are selling a car you can negotiate with the potential buyer.

How much is my car worth free online valuation?

You will find out the worth of your car after fetching in the number of details in our valuation tool. The tool will tell the worth of a car in minutes.

What is my car worth free valuation?

Yes, every car whether old or new is worth a free valuation as it gives you an idea about the worth of the particular car. If you know the actual value no one can make extra money from you if you are a buyer. Similarly, you can refuse to sell your car if someone is offering you lower than the market price.