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Free car check provides the service to identify the car’s history comprehensively. As many free car checks provide information about car’s history but those are not detailed as paid free car checks. They can’t provide detailed information on whether the car is written off, or has been stolen.
Free car check is here to solve this problem that will make it easy to find all the details to identify the car’s history. Free car check is the complete car check on the market from a brand you can trust; we have also accumulated some open sources to provide you with the necessary car information. These sources provide detailed information about any vehicle. We offer a complete car history in a single report.


We provide you with complete information about the car. Whether it passed its most recent MOT or when it was last taxed. For a full lookup, free car check is the one free choice for all that will give other data like fuel economy of that particular vehicle, the cost to on and price analysis history of the car. For more history of MOT vehicle, we offer the complete car’s MOT history. This will give detailed information about the test dates and results with full advisory notice items that you have not to be aware of it. You can also get information about selling history, current recall information, detailed list of expiration of manufacturer warranties price prediction about the perfect time to buy a particular make and model.

Whether a car is insured or not, free car check also provides you with insurance information of car. This provider turned into initiated to allow motorists who were in a coincidence to verify whether or not the other parties have insurance. This fact is also beneficial for used vehicle shoppers as you can decide whether the automobile has been declared “off the street” and for the way long. To identify potential faults, the free car checks automobile test information not unusual mot disasters as based totally at the model of the vehicle, so you realize what to appearance out for.

Free Car Valuation Tools, Today’s world, there is nothing available free of cost. But we provide the car check history valuation free. Different advantages of free car valuation are such as we offer a private sale valuation, market valuation and running costs of the vehicle. Getting a car check from free car check allows you to make a certain that you are not paying over the market estimate. 

If you want to get to know about your next vehicle’s fuel economy, you can get the information from the fuel economy calculator on our site. Free car valuation tools collate:

  • Average monthly fuel cost of the vehicle
  • Fuel Consumption Figures
  • UK vehicle tax price

You can get these car valuation tools free of charge and use them very easily and quickly get your results.


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You can quickly get more information that will help you to buy your car without hassles. You can get details on tracing the vehicle’s owner’s name and data suspected of insurance fraud. You can also get information about a used car that you want to buy. You can also get a piece of helpful information safely about DVLA and other essential information.Just providing some details of the car that you are going to buy, free car check is quick to do it online. And then you will receive the UK’s most comprehensive free car data check.


Before buying a car, you have to know some crucial details of the vehicle. You need to check about a car if it registered as stolen and car insurance write-off. Also, we need to test for exceptional finance of the car and valuation as well as mileage where viable plus all the usual DVLA’s exams. Also, you need to test for:


The primary aspect you need to do if you are serious approximately viewing a car and its miles nonetheless available for sale is getting an automobile history check. This check will show recorded mileages of the automobile and could flag up any troubles of inconsistencies. Now not best will a car history check help you verify whether there are any mileage anomalies. However, it’s going to give you a lot of other useful information inclusive of whether there’s any remarkable finance due on the auto, or whether the car has been written-off or stolen inside the beyond.


The other thing to keep in mind is that you should know the car’s history, whether the vehicle has been stolen or not. You have to see the car’s full past details. You can also ask to see the car before buying it. 


You need to know about insurance write-off damage to the car because it is risky to drive a vehicle that is written off. If the car you bought from an insurer and it is written-off, then you have the choice just to accept his decision. But, keep in mind that the payout you receive can help to replace your vehicle may be much less than you had was hoping of that.


While buying or selling a car, the police may have some interest. But you need to take care of it and need to reserve from this. The police interest car check gives the vital data you can use to guarantee that the vehicle expected to be purchased is not in police interest.


You need to check any outstanding finance history of the car before you purchase it. If you did not check it before buying the car, then it may lead you to handle the remaining amount of your vehicle may be reacquired until all the payments are paid off.


You need to check the previous car history of the car’s owner. For example, if a vehicle is served in 5 areas of the UK, then it is likely that the car had around five keepers. And if a vehicle is served in 2 regions of the UK, then it is expected that the vehicle had two keepers. A lesser number of previous keepers means the value of the car will be high and vice versa.


You need to know accurate information about your vehicle. If you want to change the color, then you can sense of sanity and select your vehicle’s color. Free car check offers all the information regarding the color changes in the car.


You need to get accurate information about imported/exported or abandoned cars. Free car check provides you with all the essential information about your vehicle. We take pride in providing you with appropriate information on imported/exported or scraped cars so that you buy your car without any hassle.


Here you can find out full car history, and it is useful to run a car through the DVLA’s of free car check which includes its actual mileage if it had been broken, written-off or stolen.

Purchasing a used car is always be in a grey zone. Information on the vehicle is dispersed across several databases and on the registries, and some facts could be hidden or lost forever. Used car customers can only trust the seller or his fortune.

We provide all the different and vital information about the vehicle, such as: 

  • Verification if a vehicle changed into registered inside the databases of stolen cars.
  • Information about a vehicle's noticed activity.
  • Defects or recalls of the manufacturer. 
  • Photographs of the auto from numerous venues within the beyond.
  • Whereinto locate VINs on particular car models.
  • Listing of device alternatives that were mounted in the factory.
  • Genuine readings of the odometer on distinct dates.

You can check all the data of cars such as car check insurance, free vehicle check history, car MOT check, etc. 


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How To Check Vehicle History?

We check more than 1 million vehicles every month. The vehicle history facts of the UK are as follows:

  • During 2019 almost 120000 used cars tested were reported as stolen.
  • Some cars were in police interest.
  • Of every seven that were purchased on car finance, 1 of those had an excellent balance during the sales process.
  • 1 in 10 cars recorded as the insurance write-off.


Before buying a used car, some car history checks are imperative that you must have to know about them. The car’s previous owner’s experience with this car is also essential. If a vehicle stolen, written-off, incurred mileage discrepancies or has outstanding finance, all these car check histories are necessary to know. But some other checks are not essential, and that’s are optional. 

Essential history checks (these are paid but with several options available). Car check history which includes insurance write-offs, theft/stolen, mileage discrepancies, outstanding finance including lease buy, personal contract hire, leased cars and agreement rent. These are essential car history check but are paid. But don’t worry, some options are available that are free.


There are some requirements to run these free checks:

  • VRM(vehicle registration number)
  • Some other vital information you have access to know it

Premium checking services appear as enough in examining the background of a car earlier than you pay for it. These checking services are beneficial if you consider them before buying. But, there are three extra checks we suggest that offer further peace of mind and might make a difference in buying a car, this is the genuine, reliable and right value.


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It ensures you the recorded services have been no longer falsified to growth car value.


It helps to learn what ‘advisory objects’ are recorded within the final MOT check and if they had been changed or not. You’ll also verify the displayed mileage of the vehicle.


It dispels the previous proprietor’s myth and affirms the actual variety of proprietors the car has.


How road tax (and car coverage) now play an essential function in a choice to shop for a used car or any other vehicle. These free checks help you to find your best vehicle without any issues and miss-leadings.


When it comes to robust and accurate information of a vehicle, free car history checks provide it to our customers. We provide the best and precise information about the concerning vehicle, which helps to find the appropriate vehicle to buy for a buyer.


First, ensure that the dealership has a fixed commercial premise, and he is not attempting to buy a car from a third party location or a pub car park. It will not be a good sign from a dealer, so you have to keep in mind while buying a vehicle from a dealer. Although there is no regulation in place for a dealer and someone cay buy a car from the dealer on an Auto-trader.


Before buying a car from a private seller, just ensure the vehicle at the seller’s address. And then secure the private seller’s address on the V5C logbook matches the seller’s location or not. By doing this you can be safe from any hassle. Also, you can ask for the identification to ensure the seller’s originality.


To avoiding from fraud, you have to follow some basic rules because there is a risk of fraud in the private and retail vehicle selling sector. The rules are:

  • You have to run a paid used car check history.
  • You have to check whether the car inspected by a third-party professional like AA, Click-mechanic or RAC.
  • You have to check the owner's Identity.
  • You have to visit the seller's address before buying the car.

You have to beware of bargains, that may be signal of something wrong hidden.


Paid car checks contain information that has been recorded by an insurance company. These premium car checks hold accurate knowledge of an automobile. While car damage or stolen and other such information is settled down between the drivers and most likely not be recorded, but our car checks provide you with the full details on the vehicle. 

If a car is a clone, its information will belong to various similar vehicles. And these cloned vehicles are present at the wrong VRM and VIN.If a vehicle is bought from some other country, then its accurate information does not hold, and it carries false information about the vehicle’s history. But the premium/paid car checks cannot tell you whether the car is likely to be roadworthy or reliable to some extent.


Don’t settle for the car at the local premises. Only pay for the vehicle by BACS electronic bank transfer. As cash payment is not traceable, bank transfer and a check is the only form of payment which is detectable in the case of any fraud. As data guarantee does not offer protection for the amount. In some cases, it offers protection for only 10% of the purchase price.


In the case of a warranty, if a car is 3 to 5 years old, then it is advisable to get in contact with the car supply dealer before you buy the vehicle. And then ensure the validity of the car’s warranty. Some manufacturer’s warranties are sometimes not validated whether the car has not been served according to manufacturer’s guidelines. In those cases, warranties are not valid for a more extended period.

Vehicles that are purchased out of the UK have low warranty periods as compared to the UK vehicle supplying dealer. We provide our best car check history to get the most accurate information. We offer the best car check services as compared to other VPI checks that are cheaper for car checking service and do not provide precise information.

You can check the category of a car on free car check history.

You can check a used car history for free, to do this first find the vehicle identification number (VIN) and enter it in the search bar on our free car check history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free car check

Yes, your car is insured t check free DVLA. You can check it free of cost as this service is free to use and give you the results immediately.

Head over to our free car check website and type in the VIN. Then you will find here up-to-date information on the vehicle’s history free.

You can check it from our free car check history, which is free and gives you full and accurate information about your car.

A PPSR free car check is included in every PPSR report. In this way, you can check if a car in on finance for free.

You can find out the previous owners of a car by checking the V5 logbook by yourself. Go through it and look at the last car owners for free.

Different ways give you information about the car, but these ways are not comprehensive and detailed. Free car check provides you free car history either the vehicle is written-off or not.

Free car check provides you with the full car history for free.

You can check the mileage of a car for free by visiting the free car check and just enter the VIN of the vehicle.

You can check the category of a car on free car check history.

Free car check is a free service provided to the customers to determine if a car has been stolen or not. To check this, the VIN is required.

You can check a used car history for free, to do this first find the vehicle identification number (VIN) and enter it in the search bar on our free car check history.

HPI of a car can be a check on the free car check. You can find here all the accurate information.