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We offer a free online instant valuation of your car. Just visit our website, enter the registration number of your car and your postcode. To improve your car valuation, you can speak to us and tell us more about the condition of your car. And then we provide you with the best price for your car.


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Once you finalize your car’s worth. Then we arrange the collection of your vehicle in 7 days. We collect seven days a week, including evenings. You can select the time and day, and then we will receive your car on that day and time.


While selling a car, it is imperative to know how much money you can get by selling your vehicle. The price of your car depends on many factors some are given below;

  • Make & Model of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle Condition
  • Vehicle Age
  • Mileage
  • Service History
  • Number of Previous Owners

All these factors affect on the car’s price. If your car’s make & model is new, its condition, its service history is excellent, lower mileage, less age will give you a high price for your vehicle. Otherwise, it lowers the value of the vehicle.


Let’s take a look at a few options you can sell your car:

Part-Exchange at a Dealership

Another way to sell your car is through the dealership. When you decide to buy your new car from the dealership, they accept your old car as the deposit for your new car. You will have the benefit of making sell and purchase at the same time and same place. One major problem that can occur while making this deal is you have to negotiate the price for both your old car and your new car. You are not sure whether you are getting the right value for your old car or whether the dealer is selling you a new car at a higher price. You can check the price now.

Private Sale

You can make arrangements to sell your car privately by putting up an advertisement on the classified website or newspaper. The potential buyer will then come to you to see the car and test drive the car. If the buyers like the car and price are settled, he pays you and drives away. This process seems fine with the people who don’t mind random people coming to their houses. However, this process might take a lot of time and you are not sure how much cash you will be getting by selling your car. 

Sell at Auction

Getting your car ready for the auction takes a long time and is a stressful process. This includes completing all legal formalities and taking your car to the auction house, etc. After this, there is still no assured that your car will be sold for a good price. However, through auctions, your car will be quickly sold and the auction house will give you your payment as soon as possible.

Part Exchanging

Part exchanging refers to exchanging your old car for a new one and deducting the value of the old car from the selling price of your new vehicle. Part exchanging is less time consuming and stressful as it is an easy way to sell and buy a car, that too in one place. However, during part exchanging, it is difficult to negotiate the best price of the car and you may sell it for a lot less than you expected.

Selling a “Cat C” Car

Cat C car is a label used by insurance companies to inform the buyer that the car has been involved in a major accident, the insurance company did not pay for the damage and the cost of repair is more than the value of the car. Selling a Cat C car is difficult, as buyers do not want to get in the hassle of repairing and inspecting the vehicle and risk buying a car that is currently or previously labeled as Cat C.

Selling a “Cat D” Car

A Cat D car is one in which damage has taken place which still exists or it has been repaired before putting up to be sold. Like Cat C, Cat D cars are also difficult to sell at a good price as the buyer has the risk of purchasing a car that has been involved in an accident.

Selling after Bereavement

If the owner of the car has passed away, it will be difficult to sell such cars as it involves a lot of paperwork. The inheritance can only sell the car after the completion of all relevant documents from the court.

Selling a Modified Car

The buyers hesitate in buying the cars that have been modified. If you have modified your car engine induction kits, lowering of suspension or any other thing, it will be considered modified hence lowering the value of your car.

Selling a Private Number Plate Car

Selling a car with a private number plate can be tricky. However, we can make this process easy for you as our car valuation tool also generates the price of private number plate cars.

Selling With Finances

Many people wish to upgrade their car while their old car still has outstanding finance. Whether you can sell your car with the outstanding balance mainly depends on the type and duration of your agreement with the finance company.

Trusted Car Buyers

We aim to make a strong and trustable relationship with our customers by ensuring quality service and fairness in our dealing. We make sure our customers get the best possible price for their vehicle.

Selling Your MOT Failure

It can be quite scary when your car fails its MOT test. You might think your car is worthless. But every car has some value even if they are old or in bad condition. However, our company gives offers to every car and tries to give you some rate for your old car.

What to Expect?

To speed up the process of selling a car, make sure you have all the documents and paper ready. You can sell your car in time if all the relevant documents are ready.



You can sell your car by putting the necessary information on our website and we will give you the best price in the UK.

You can sell your car privately by posting the advertisement on classified newspapers or websites.

You can sell your car at the auction, through a dealership or privately.

There are several ways you can sell your car in the UK. You can sell your car privately, through a dealership or at an auction. You can sell your car by putting the necessary information in our tool and we will give you the best rates in the UK.

You can sell your car fast at an auction. Another speedy process is online selling websites. You can easily and conveniently sell your car with online selling websites.

Selling your car with MOT history will enhance the value of your car. This history will show the status of your car, a number of tickets, an accident if any and a lot of other things.

You will need a V5 document and your car service history. You will also require an MOT test of your car.

Mileage, number of previous owners, make and model of the car and service history are the main factors that determine the cost of your car.

Yes, you can part-exchange your car on check MOT history. A checked history will add to the worth of your car.

Selling a car on outstanding finance depends on the terms and conditions of your loans and the number of installments left. It differs from finance company to company. Generally, you can sell your car with outstanding finance.