At the platform of Check MOT History you can check all the details related to your MOT with authentic information but first the question is what is mot history?. So MOT is abbreviated as a ministry of Transport. The MOT check is the trail or procedure which is applied to check the main parts of your automobile for your life security. Mot check is an annual test for the sake of vehicle safety to safe vehicles from hilarious incidents. Basically, the MOT check is applied to make the automobiles for road worthiness aspects. MOT check help to protect our surrounding from exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom.

The MOT check is required for those vehicles those are over three years old used on roads without mot test. Mot check is first introduced under the direction of the Ministry of transport in 1960. Mot check was first passed in the act of 1956. The MOT check is originally a basic test of automobile engines to check all its elements including brakes, light, and steering are involved. The MOT check is repeated after three years. This knows as the “ministry of transport test.


Mileage History

Certificate Destruction​

Police Stolen

Keepers History

Plate Change History


MOT check, the fee is charged by the government of the UK for mot check. The amount of charges is varied according to the type of vehicle. Charges for MOT check is from a few dollars. The price of the MOT check test is varying by the instructions of the company and most importantly it depends on the type of vehicle you own. And also on the weight laded on that vehicle. So the charges for the MOT check test are more.  The fee for the MOT check test of centers san ochargesarge up to the official DVSA. Its maximum fee is £54.85. In opposite means it varies for motorcycle (engine size over 200cc) MOT fee (£29.65), with sidecar (engine size over 200cc) MOT fee (£37.80), 3 wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) MOT fee £37.80), 3 wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) MOT fee £54.85).


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In some cases after the MOT check test, the vehicle doesn’t work properly, and you leave it with a test to repair center so in those circumstances then you will have a partial retest. If you take your vehicle with you and the at the end of the next working day, you return it, the test is normally a fee. MOT check included all these elements of vehicle: Such as, Identification number of the vehicle, a test of MOT check confirmed that whether the number of vehicles is commonly referred to as the VIN, it is present and legibly displayed on the vehicle.

  • Steering and suspension
  • Lights
  • Windscreen
  • Horn

Check MOT is identified by special signs, “three triangular logos.” There are special service stations, which are developed especially for a check the MOT test. This logo is displayed at the service station, identifies approved check MOT test stations. All type of service is provided by the service stations. Check MOT is required after the duration of three years. It is very compulsory. It requires the original registration date. If your vehicle is 3 years old, then is compulsory that you have to present your vehicle in a service station to check MOT every year.

  • Seat belts
  • window screen
  • Registration plate
  • Wipers and washer bottle

Check MOT is very important for driving. If you don’t check MOT of your vehicle, you have to pay fine in that case. The maximum fine is £1000 for driving without a valid check MOT. In some cases, if you are not sure that your current certificate of check MOT expires or not. In those circumstances, you can check the MOT service to check the details about the check MOT test. Check MOT test is held by DVLA. Every country has different requirements for its Check MOT service stations. And all requirements of the check MOT test of vehicles by the rules and regulation of their government. 

In 2018 the check MOT test is changed, it includes so many details further related to all vehicles.  The stricter rules for diesel car emissions engines, new categories are followed for defects, or further checking of tires, running lights of  vehicles during day time, fluid leakage. Check MOT test is not allowed for those vehicles that are round about 40 years old. Those vehicles are modified to check the MOT test significantly. Many changes are included in the information of recent check MOT test those are available from Drivers And Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA).

Get MOT Reminders

In case of an expired certificate of check MOT test; you may be fined by the government. You have to pay in any case, because it is necessary. So save yourself from that situation, you can get check MOT reminder. You sign up to get a free reminder simply through a text message or by email that your certificate of Check MOT is due. For this you have to only sign up for fetching check MOT reminder, so through this, you will get a reminder. 

  • It will remind you before one for small vehicles such as motorcycle, car, and van when the date of Check MOT is due.
  • And months before for large trailer, lorry, and bus check MOT is due.
Stop Getting Reminders

You can also unsubscribe the check MOT reminder to stop getting reminders for the vehicle you have:

  • When you have to to to to to to transfer your vehicle to anyone else.
  • When you have sold your vehicle.
  • When it is registered as of the road.
  • When is written-off and scraped?

How you can unsubscribe to stop getting an MOT reminder?                                               

It is unsubscribed by:

  • You can click the unsubscribe link in the email, that you have been sent.
  • And by following the pedagogy that will have to send you by message. 


It is very important to conduct to MOT history check for any vehicle before purchasing a used car. MOT check history is used to show the overall condition of that vehicle, so it is extremely important. Basically, MOT history check is a demand by the government of your vehicle for your defense and security or whether this vehicle is road worthiness or may be dangerous to derive or not.

For a valid MOT certificate, it is a legal requirement for your vehicle. It is registered or not. Some case MOT history check is ignored by some drivers and owners when they are purchasing a used vehicle. And when the drivers are on the road of the UK. In that case when a car or vehicle in the dubious MOT history check, the owner has to pay heavy fines and face expensive repairs going for his vehicle. Even if the MOT history check shows the valid certificate for MOT status.

All the information related to the MOT history check is directly from the DVLA database for any type of vehicle such as a car, bus, motorcycle, lorry, a d van, etc registered in the UK that the MOT test since 2005. For the good look of your vehicle by its previous owner is implied by its healthy MOT history check. Sometime your vehicle could point to a higher risk of mechanical or financial issues or outlay in the future due to the fail MOT history check or due to its advisory documents. The documents that are provided you with your vehicle from the previous owner.

Save yourself from the serious monetary outlay by getting registered or by MOT history check. MOT history check is free service to use with your optional MOT on any car. It is easy to do. Simply you have to enter the car registration number. DVLA database checks all the records of your car’s entire MOT history check. And after checking all the records by DVLA, it provides you an instant report of your vehicle MOT history check.

Check MOT history is very useful to save the customer from the big financial loss. It is proved to be very useful. Check MOT history is furnishing all the history of the vehicle, it works well or not. Due to Check MOT history, you can save money. Check MOT history offers great value to check the valid certificate before buying a vehicle. Check MOT history is highly recommended. It a superb website that provides you all the information related to that vehicle that you are going to buy. Check MOT history is very helpful for those customers who do not keep any information related to the vehicle which they are going to buy.

Check MOT history includes all the history of vehicle:

  • Check MOT history checks the MOT status of the vehicle.
  • Check MOT history will help you and guides you on whether the vehicle has valid MOT or not.
  • Check MOT history have will have a record of that vehicle that when the next MOT is due.
  • It shows the expiry date of the MOT test certificate.
  • Check MOT history has all the records of MOT history.
  • Check MOT history encompasses a history of road tax of the vehicle with a duration of 6 months to 13 months tax rates of the vehicle.
  • Mileage history recorded by the Check MOT history.
  • Check MOT history includes the advisory notes in the document of the vehicle. It will form a long duration or not. It’s all parts that are overhauled or not. It also  told you, that this vehicle is no longer for roadworthy, or it has required immediate attention for repairing.
  • DVLA database is helpful for you to make informed decisions at the time of buying a vehicle.
  • You can Check MOT history is also an online service that is comprehensive and easy to use.

How to Check MOT?

You can check MOT history you need the vehicle’s registration number and check it in a very susceptible way. It is free and easy to check. You can check it just by adding the Registration number of your vehicles including car, lorry, bus, motorcycle, etc. After adding the registration number, you will come to know about whether that MOT history your vehicle is valid or not, as well when it going to due. Also by entering vehicle details to check MOT certificate history whether it is going to date runs out or not. MOT history also checked by getting a reminder; through reminder, you will get a message or email. That will help us to check MOT history.

Check When MOT Due?

Check the history of your vehicle when it is going to due. If you will not check the due date or history of your vehicle you can face serious danger related to your financial status or related to your life. Check the MOT due date within time. It will be helpful for your life safety and your security. Illegally if you don’t take serious the expiry date of MOT you my hilarious situations.

  • You have to pay a heavy fine to the government.
  • In case of a crash, you have to pay for repairs, possibly even of written off car.

Any time within a 12 month period, MOT can be done before the existing MOT expiry date. So you should be conscious especially to the MOT test due.

How to Check MOT History?

You can check MOT history very easy; you just only need the vehicle’s number plate (registration number). After adding the number, you can see the results as soon, the DVLA database as recorded all the MOT history. By checking the MOT history you can see the test location by adding the 11-digits number from the logbook of the vehicle (V5C).

The past test of MOT history includes:

  • What parts failed in each test of MOT, and any minor problems in any part or not.
  • When its MOT is going to due.
  • The MOT test is failed or passed.
  • The mileage test was recorded at the time of the MOT test.
  • Location of that place, where its previous MOT test was done.

You can get all this information by vehicle’s registration number for full MOT history.


Every month even in the everyday sales of new cars is increasing day by day. And it can be done on the surety of personal contract plan (PCP) and availability of credit. And this criterion for buying cars is increasing at a rate of 90%. Before buying the car by vehicle check you can check all cars’ history within a few minutes.  Basically, the outstanding finance makes reference to the money that the antecedent holder has to pay to the finance company. 

Before the payment of the total amount, it is not allowed that the vehicle is to belong to the owner. The finance company has to own the vehicle, before the completion of all these formalities. In all those circumstances, before acquiring the vehicle we must need to check the vehicle and its outstanding finance history. Before the acquiring of the vehicle if the outstanding finance history of a vehicle will not be checked, so in that case, you have to handle the remaining amount and all funds have to pay off, after that the vehicle will be reacquired. 

Hire Purchase

In the case when the loan is not fully paid, the granter may claim back. In this condition, it is the duty of the finance management team to resolve and recover all the issues that would skip with the fault of outstanding finance. 

Conditional Sale

There are two stages involved in the conditional sale:

  • At the initial stage of your agreement, the deposit amount of the vehicle should be pay. 
  • Before the end of the contract, the deposit money of the vehicle should be paid in the monthly installments.

Credit Sale

A credit sale is basically the discount that is given in one case if the all payment of the vehicle is pay in a specific period of time. Under the fixed time span, if the amount would not be paid the credit sale will be canceled and invalid.

Lease/Contract Hire

Before the recompense payment of entire finance, the legal owner of the vehicle would be hiring a company.

Personal Loan

The bank and the society has provided you an offer, they will help you financially and share the amount of car that you are buying.

Personal Contract Plan

To buy a vehicle is an intricate way. In the case when the contract has completed, and that time you are going to take a car on rent with a sum of money.

  • The vehicle may be returned.
  • Hold on the used car, by allocating the cost and resale value of the car.
  • The new vehicle should be purchased with the use of an unspecified amount of money.

Legally the Personal Contract Plan (PCP) will create some issues, you should always be careful about its working performance.

Unit Stocking

To buy a vehicle is an intricate way. In the case when the contract has completed, and that time you are going to take a car on rent with a sum of money.

  • The vehicle may be returned.
  • Hold on the used car, by allocating the cost and resale value of the car.
  • The new vehicle should be purchased with the use of an unspecified amount of money.

Legally the Personal Contract Plan (PCP) will create some issues, you should always be careful about its working performance.

The credit money that is utilized for stocking of the vehicles that is known as unit stocking. By the vehicles, the vehicles merchants stock their company and corporation utilizing the credit money. The vehicle makers and banks mostly made this marshaling. All the vehicle makers the banks utilized their money in the vehicle stock, but keep a deliberate distance from the vehicle merchants.

 What We Do

At the Check MOT History, when you are going to make a free car check you will have the amplitude to pinpoint the vehicle history with knowledge of what type of items should be concluded with all positioning. When you are going to buy a vehicle, at that time it’s a thoroughly basic work that you have to check and complete the vehicle history check.

The vehicle that you are going to by, the Check MOT History will give you some important components and instructions about the vehicle to narrate vehicle History check with the assumption of appreciative information:


  • The Check MOT History will offer you the name of Finance Corporation.
  • All the terms of the agreement.
  • The contact number of their own company with type and date.

Before purchasing a vehicle, these are the important guidelines that you should have to follow to check the car history check.

How to Convey the Information if there is Outstanding Finance on the Car?

You should have to carry out a registration check of a car before buying it. It will give you some types of information.

  • The money that is owed on the car.
  • Involved in an accident or not.
  • It has been stolen or not.
  • It has been scrapped.
  • It has been written off.
  • When and who has been imported and exported.

How to Get the Vehicle Check History?

It’s very easy and quick; getting vehicle check history you have to do online to check it by just providing few details about your vehicle that you have to decide to buy.


An insurance write-off is an industrial technical language for a vehicle that additionally assists so much vandalization, it is un-secure to backtrack on the road, it is quite safe but is far away from economical mend.  For the loss and in case of any damage, instead of being put right the proprietor will be acquiring a cash pay off, In the situation, if your car has been considering unsafe. An unprofitable repair, nevertheless position on a repair-to-value ratio that will be contrast for the vehicle and any other insurance company.

It is exceedingly risky to driving a car that is written off. You can purchase a car by utilizing our services, so due to that reason, Check MOT History furnish you with the vehicle history check. In rare cases, if your vehicle has undertaken vandalization. The consignment of destruction and rating the capacity of the vehicle will be investigated by an insurance examiner of an associate degree. At the Check MOT History, we also layout a free car history check, if you are willing to relish of our execution concerning full vehicle check and sense the normality.

The vehicle would contemplate far away from the economical repair, if the repair work needs to exceed up to £3,000, your insurance company used the repair-to-value ratio of 60% and the worth of your vehicle was up to £5,000. The employees of the vehicle investigator of the insurance companies enumerate to calculate the overall cost of the repairs and make perceptions. They will survey the crash damage of your vehicle and universal examination. 

There are four discrete categories of car writes off, the class system in acuteness from A to D. in these categories the A and D mostly represents the written off injury of un rectifiable of the vehicle body and its body parts, category C and D represents typically the outcome of feasible money – the repairing of used vehicles is very expensive the main impetus is that the price of repairs is on the top of the worth.


Category A (Unchanged)

Category A is the most treacherous state, in that state the vehicle passes on with the severe situation after that, it is not to be driven again, because car meant for scrap and ought to.

Category B (Unchanged)

Category B has involved that type of used vehicle, whose few sections can be can be intricate and that is undergoing broad fault that would never be driven and in-process intensively. 

Category C

In the case if the higher degree accident is betiding with the used vehicle, then the used vehicle is going to be written off with the purpose of repairs, so through that process, the worth of that automobile irrefutably enhanced. If that automobile undergoes with the serious structural bruise of any part along with its whole framework, then it is very exorbitant to mend. It is now to be with the name of cat C listing and in the past till October 2017 this was known as Cat S listing. If the repair of the vehicle to a road condition you can use it and drive it on the road once again.

Category D

In category D, the vehicle is to be written off can be repaired. However, in case its price relative to the vehicle worth its prices is held to be high. It is written in the writes of the vehicle is that the Cat A and Cat B cars don’t have in the conditions to avail of spares, and therefore shells of the automobile body are crushed off by the dictation of British Insurers’ Salvage code association. And by the insurance firm, the writes off frequently dispose of in Cat C and Cat D. Wherever compulsory with the help of DVLD as long as they precede automobile identity grant, and on the road, they can, and then replaced and repaired the body parts and spares. 

Note: The old categories C and D are replaced with the categories S and N, from 1 October 2017.

Category S (Formerly Category C)

In the category S the vehicle which undergoes the damaged structurally (The chassis and the outer frame of the vehicle are damaged in that situation).

Category N (Formerly Category D)

Those vehicles that come in the category N only suffered from just withstand in need of surveillance, “No structural vandalization.”  Then an S class vehicle the category N will be far uncomplicated to recuperate. The S and N categories can be rehabilitated.

Indication of Category S and N

The vehicles such as a car, motorbike and minivan come in the category S with to be the owner and suffered from the only damage of body framework, and the items involved are the suspension and the chassis. And before putting them on the road, the vehicle of this category must be re-roster with DVLD. While the vehicle of category N has not to be re-registered before putting them on the road and they can mend so easily and safely.

All the vehicles that suffered from non-structural damages are placed in category N; those items include heated seats, infotainment and lights. Different from cat S vehicle, the vehicle of this category do not need to re-roster with DVLD. Nevertheless, you just need to notify that your vehicle has been written off. 

What do you need to do?

Your insurance company will generally give out with acquiring the vehicle drag for you. You have to follow these steps:

  • If you want to keep it, then apply for the registration number of the vehicle.
  • Keep the yellow ‘sell, transfer of selling your vehicle to a motor trader, and send the (V5C) vehicle logbook to your insurance company.
  • Inform the DVLD, that your vehicle has been a write-off.

If you don’t re-registered your vehicle with DVLD, you have to pay the fined almost £1,000.

Keeping the Vehicle

The insurance company will supply you insurance pay off and will and get rid of the vehicle back to you, if you are willing to put your vehicle in the category C, D, N, and S.

You have to need to give the following information if you put your vehicle in category C and S:

  • Send a complete logbook of your vehicle to the insurance company.
  • Using form V62, if you want to apply for the corresponding logbook.

The vehicle category will be track record by DVLD in the logbook.  If you want to put your vehicle in category D and N, you can keep the logbook.  

What we do?

Before purchasing a used vehicle it is compulsory to confirm the write-off all the complications of the vehicle. At the Check MOT History offer using our full vehicle check, all the critical elements of the vehicles are checked, and that indicates and assists you about all fact and figures and told you about all problems related to our report and appoints the description of all elements with all category and loss types. Before purchasing a vehicle that you are going to buy and secure, you can easily conclude and decide to purchase by knowing this history and belief you to pay to deduce choice about that vehicle.

How Does it Reflect in the V5C?

About the write-off the all these categories there is a need to updating the DVLD, it’s mean that before purchasing a vehicle the buyers who intend to acquire it, he will be aware with all facts and figures and he will be aware of all type of vandalization succor in the automobile. The category S has replaced and now will be marked the logbook of V5C, which indicates that the car has been put down to retrieve. So the customer is aware of the write-off history of the vehicle. 

Is it Okay to Buy a Category S or N?

Before purchasing a used vehicle, you have to be approached with the all heedfulness for category C and D, and the same suggestions for the category S and N, and we always endorse you. Insurance is the highly high-priced commission to implement, and as it comes off likely for such a category of vehicles. It is very risky and particularly difficult to resell, and even contemplate to buy the vehicles of category S and the vehicle of category N. It can be getting rid of properly when you prevail over the systematic damages and interior controversy of the vehicle to recover and then there is the cost of refurbishing the framework can be obtained. Before investing your money and time on the used vehicle you must have to consult and to take the advice of a qualified mechanic to scrutinize the concerned vehicle. 


Before purchasing a new car, the valuating of a car is the premier thing. While commerce with rates, we should have to be very circumspect. Having ultimate contentment the concern of valuation is the most important to have a full vehicle history check. You can decide to purchase a vehicle or not, by eloquent the key facet of the vehicle. From the extremity of purchasing a vehicle, It will help you to make the right decision, to check it, and in a strong position and to thrush out. Check Mot History will furnish you the detailed clarification of the car value. We also manifest you the whole detail of all rates and pricing with every forepart this will help to make the right decision to purchase a vehicle by knowing all its aspects to the layout you the mediatory details.

In the report of our online vehicle check, this is the most distinct element that we have in it.  We provide you the equitable estimate of the car valuation when it comes to putting a price on, maybe it is being privately get rid of, dispense or if it were merchandise on the campus. Before purchasing a vehicle to get a trial of the car service history, exert one of our free car checks. Instantly, after checking the valuating report of your vehicle, the tool that you will choose for the free trial will give you the price of your vehicle. After checking the vehicle history, the valuation report of your vehicle will be prepared and will guide you about all the specific details, these are as following:

  • All the details of your vehicle will be classified, including its MOT history and the registration date.
  • Discreetly price of getting rid, in a very better and excellent situation.
  • By a retailer the price that paid for the goods are to a manufacturer and wholesaler, and how much you have proffer for it. 
  • Corporation price that you have wished to pay for it if you are willing to purchase that vehicle from the trader.
  • The price of quick sale that you have to expect to sell it quickly when you face the need for a quick sale. 

Why Should You Get a Car Valuation?

Valuation of the car has given you the information about the market value of your vehicle. It pays you the full research about the three following category:

  • When you are going to purchase a vehicle and you want to get a profitable deal and you Have not been to pay over the odds.
  • When you are going to selling your vehicle, it will help you to sell out your vehicle in very appropriate vale then the market values. 
  • In the case, if you are going to exchange some spare parts of your vehicle, it will guide you about the good price. That you could pay easily.  

With the car service history check, the main purpose of Check MOT History to assist you to acquire an equitable charge, by using the number of the number plate of the vehicle you can rapidly check the prices of the used car into or out of our bibliography. We will guide you and provide you the recoup specifications of the vehicle and all the values that you want.

Put some important keys that there is some constituent that will exert influence on its value and the vehicle would be different. To most important things that compose for the assertiveness of the report are:

  • All the details of that year in which that the car is made.
  • Total mileage that it covers.


Vehicle mileage is frequently interfering with to artificially blown off the value of the used vehicle. Some unethical vehicle merchants will take thousands of miles off the demister of their used vehicle. These criteria permit them to get rid of the vehicles at a high beneficial perimeter. These are the procedure to do it if you to check the total covered distance by that vehicle for free. The national mileage of the vehicle clocked sustains their mileage from the following ways:

  • DVLD 
  • BVRLA – British vehicle rental and leasing association
  • HPI check
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealer groups
  • Owners

The most important feature that is most important and is used to check in every vehicle during purchasing a vehicle is its mileage check history. The mileage capacity of any vehicle represents and is used to calculate the age of any vehicle. You can get to know all the facts and figures of that vehicle, and you can know about if the mileage meter has been tampered with or not, by having a full or history check. You may put up with serious financial and physical rig out if the car is suffered from the mileage tamper.

There is a possibility that fraudster may attempt to drive back the mileage (register) just for your analysis, and after examine his will set it back again. In that demonstration, our mileage examination check will help you to know anyhow about the mileage that is manifest in the vehicle. It is very beneficial and better for you to process your vehicle through the mileage history check than to get fasten with this misconception after purchasing the vehicle.

Registration of vehicle often stance its prospect; there might be a vehicle that has the stamina to hold out its millenary sign and just stand by smash to smithereens down. By the report of the mileage history check to throughout the car, all the elements of the vehicle may lose their consistency and lost quality over time, fragmented crankshafts and depilated gears, through this it will assist you to keep away from this mileage abnormality.

If the Car is Registered, Then How to Check its History?

Mileage history check report helps to indicate the 10% efflux in the vehicle with the mileage abnormalities that are circulating since the preceding year. Our pedigree says that this is due to a legal variation which means that the unwritten history report of the mileage registered among the retailer is not kept in check report of the government, they seem to be legal as well as trading of equipment about mileage rectification. Where ridiculous the sale of the registered car is not. When you are going to check the mileage of any vehicle, you must have to approach to the following implements:

  • Access to the internet and the availability of a computer.
  • Phone 
  • Records of DMV
  • The stickers that are used for the examination.

Check MOT History, instruct all the information related to the vehicle from at the top and at the bottom of the vehicle, the clear inconsistency and its report of mileage check assist you by our valuable customers. We provide you the whole record yearly total and date, and the list of mileage that the vehicle covered even the history of oil changes and the distance that has been damaged. A mileage check is complete in the following ways:

It’s not difficult:

  • The mileage of the vehicle that you are going to check, make sure must be the correct mileage. 
  • The registration number of the vehicle is the main entrance code to check its mileage.
  • Select the vehicle whose you want to check its mileage history check.
  • When you bring out all the procedures, enter the covered distance of the vehicle.
  • Then proceed to check it till following all the instruction that is given.


To an enrolled Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), the certificate of destruction is a legal manuscript that is allocated electronically from the DVLD. An ELV is an automobile that is indexed as chaos. It is important to instruct the DVLD as per administration standards so that they can assault your terms out from their registry.  Where many vendors have the curse and they sell the vehicle discriminatory the automobile that should have been discarded, the certificate of destruction is necessary because previously metal theft has been a problem extended back. This illegal transportation and cortege trouble, so the selling of the vehicle influence in various ways on the public. 

Whether it may relate to the issues concern with their life, legal problems and maybe it is financially, that may influence the employment of our expensive clients. The queries that are most frequent to originate while purchasing a vehicle are the; “where has been the survey of the vehicle history is accomplish?” All you acquire to glance to alert the Check MOT History and put up the alleviation. With the assistance of Check MOT History, you can survey the whole report of the vehicle mot history to perspective on the whole circumstances of any vehicle and the other vital assist is the specs that support you to infer your acquired selection is favorable. 

At the Check MOT History, we provide you all data about any vehicle, either it is sold legally and illegally, you will come to know about all the facts and figures of that vehicle, a full vehicle report and documentation of the vehicle history survey is encompassed in the demanded employment. This history will be helpful in the purpose that ensures that the interested vehicle has not recently been rubbed. The vehicle that is enrolled in the process of purchasing Performa to be rubbed by the DVLD should not be alert for investment or on the highway. Usually, all the suggested vehicles to be reclaimed by an ATF have got too published with CoD.

Wherein the numerous prosecutions materialize, those vehicles which are written-off by sanitary corporations nonetheless, happen in the exchange market. Purchasing a vehicle that is put for squeezing is dangerous. So it is very significant to survey the scuff inspection before acquiring it. The DVLD MOT survey always approved valuable in the case of purchasing any vehicle it will secure you from the financial loss and many issues that could be occurred through this, which you can believe in the Check MOT HistoryThose vehicles which are in an otherwise better and adequate situation the certificate of destruction is issued to those vehicles only. 

Those vehicles which are in a poor and bad condition not be able for the for that purpose to proceed it to the insurance company for the array of the destruction certificate. If the insurance corporation believes that the airbags could be shattered, the contour could be diminished, and completely not in that situation that the money should be invested in the vehicle to do thorough inquiry, and hardly wished to barter it reasonable to a junkyard. 


There is a fraction of justification for the formation of this manuscript. The first main important point is that the certificate of destruction discloses you from every commitment of the vehicle. The second one is its selling and its transfer to the new owner and keeper officially. If we go to the facts of the destruction certificate is, it will verify that your old vehicle:

  • Is this vehicle is mainly for the road drive or not?
  • Has been filtered with the agreement of the legislation. 
  • It is not being allowed for the lengthier duration to you. 

All reliable trash of the vehicle breaker lawfully has been assisting you with this certificate of destruction as the portion of their employment, because it shows the ultimate phase in substituting privilege.  For the beginners, when you purchased your vehicle, without the certificate of destruction, your vehicle will not be allowed to run on the road. If your vehicle will be disposed of on the road devoid of the certificate of destruction the DVLD terminated competently be the arresting you £80 for the highway tax. 


The development in technology has given rise to a lot of techniques of vehicle importation relatively so modest and reasonable. There are a lot of online websites and portals that assist the customer with the importers of the used vehicle to select and purchase the vehicle of their interest and will. But lots of risks can be faced through this way to buy the vehicles. And no one will be aware of the private faults and invisibility of that vehicle. Many people get defrauded through this strategy. So avoid all the myth, you have one option to solve your all problems and can be 100% assured at the moment of purchasing a vehicle. Use to check the vehicle stolen history before purchasing.

 It will help you to maintain your peace of mind and circumvent you from the financial loss. The vehicle that you are going to purchase and is expected too, is assuring to guarantee that, it is not stolen, you can achieve all this vital data through the procedure of stolen car check. No doubt the stolen car must have the indications of bringing real flawless like the other purloins commodities, similar to the other stolen merchandise. On the little prospect, they stumble on their vehicles; the owner proficiently has the right to recover all the innermost faults of the vehicle, in any way of whether you perceive that the vehicle had been nab or not. 

Where your master plan makes a legal move against the retailer to retrieve your currency that you lay-out on the vehicle, during buying it. You will be lapse with the vehicle when you are in a hurry to spend your even whole income in your pocket on it. With the aid of Check MOT History vehicle history check, you can be able to perceive all the statistics related to vehicle and know about that the vehicle history either it is stolen or not. Not to interrupt your peace of mind before purchasing it. It’s a reliable way to check out the vehicle and be sure to secure him to devastate. At the Check MOT History, we also allow you the free car history check; this procedure is very fastest and practicable to assist our customers to resolve all their problems that are come to light that associated with the vehicle.  


On the base of examination of the recent reports and documentation of the vehicle, almost over 700,000 vehicles are going too snatched every year over worldwide round about 230 snatched automobiles per 100,000 people. And this probability is boosting day by day.  You have the easiest way to purchase a vehicle, check the vehicle history report at the Check MOT History to obtain all the detailed that you want and going to purchase.

The most important thing is to adapt the precautions; this will make this procedure of purchasing a vehicle reliable and kept the peace. When you are going to make financial decisions, you must rely on anyone else because it’s your matter and you are who is going to invest his income. The main aspects that you should pursue own yourself; you should not completely rely on the car insurance company. Keep in mind the main facts:

  • Validate the VIN on the vehicle.
  • Bring the assessment.

Precautions to Constrain Before Purchasing a Stolen Vehicle

When you have suspicion with contemplate the stolen vehicle, the influence of obligation is feasibly on the buyer to make sure to examine the vehicle in all aspects in the gain ground to warranty that the vehicle that is in a deal with has not been defalcating. Further that it got hold of in all believable aspects, the police will at rest to snatch the car, and when the vehicle will be on the plan action of financial affairs, at that moment the manager can pressurize to enhance interesting installments of the vehicle at the spot. Some are various most important precautions are available here, that you can adopt at the time of purchasing a vehicle:

Check if the documents are legal, at the priority explore for the DVLD watermark and demand the exact copy of the V5C in the enlistment of the library. You have got to further surety of the V5C document. And the guarantee of the document that all are the original checked by the two main figures:

  • The sequential number of the document, which is enlisted on it.
  • The issue date, when it had been issued.

Survey the corresponding documentation of the vehicle. Keep in mind; always prefer to make twice as much to check the documents of the MOT and the V5C subtle elements history of authority. Furthermore, you should check all the facts and figures that are linked with the documentation of that vehicle those records are organized on the V5C, these are as following:

  • Registration number of the vehicle.
  • And the vehicle designation number (VIN).

Survey the all situations during purchasing or either selling the vehicle, examine if the buyer is substantial to ensure the following gadgets:

  • Ensure the location of the salesperson on the V5C conforms to their navigating license 
  • The multinational ID of it.
  • And the total bill.

A personal contract plan (PCP) will govern some campaigns related to its working legally, so you should be very alarmed about its working performance. This can impose you at massive expense.

What We Do?

When you are going to purchasing a vehicle, at Check MOT History we provide you the best guidance and authority by demonstrating the all the information related to vehicle and report of the stolen vehicle check, though in that way we will assist you and formulating you in the peace of mind regards to the vehicle during buying it. Noting is important than the precautions. Why are you going to engage yourself with the accustomed vehicle without its overhauling? Contact us if the associated vehicle is stolen before you purchase. 


It’s very crucial to the assessment of all the data related to that vehicle and the total multitude of the prior members of the vehicle by retaining the customary record of the vehicle proprietor. For instance, if the vehicle lasts and survived in the three sectors of the UK, then it is feasible that the vehicle had approximately 3 custodians formerly. If you came to know about the total number of the custodians that they are exceedingly less in number, it indicates that the significance of that vehicle will be outstanding.  For your relief that would be exclusive in the evidence, at the Check MOT History we furnish you unrestricted car lesser assessment. If you are interested to attain all the vehicle history checks and comprehensive exploration of the vehicle.

You have the assess to look out our premium assistance for the report of the vehicle proprietor. The most important thing is that you should have to prefer that vehicle, which has the insufficient less multitude of the sentry, that vehicle should be the best one than those vehicles that have a huge number of keepers. In this case, we might not be conscious of the ailment of the vehicle and the manual circumstance of it. Wither it had been authorized over the over various proprietors, and it had been kept it in drastic conditions. It is the clear cut point that not every motorist considers vehicle integrity and supervision

How to Estimate the Number of the Prior Proprietor?

Many methods are used to search the digit of keepers that early kept the vehicle:

  • Survey yourself on the V5 logbook. Check and take a view at the recently clocked keeper.
  • Survey through every last voucher removed in the vehicle, and this survey can repeatedly demonstrate earlier owner circumstances and terms. 
  • Detailed aspect V888 through the DVLD- check out the recommendations below.
  • Decree the vehicle data survey and we check the total history of the vehicle and the total number of the owner for you.

Evidence of the Vehicle and its Clocked Owner

All the data related to any vehicle can be obtained only by registration with DVLD. You can inquire for the factual of any other vehicle and the vehicle’s enlisted owner. You will only require acceptable reason, for instance:

  • Check out the history of the vehicle and locate who was trustworthy for disaster.
  • Tracking the clocked owner of the former vehicle.
  • Tracking the enrolled person who was the owner of the vehicle, who stationed on the particular territory.
  • Putting out the depositing recipients. 
  • Putting out the violate payment report.
  • Tracking all the people who liable for navigating away devoid spending for welfare's and employment.
  • Outlining community doubted of protective corruption. 
Data About Your Vehicle
  • Your broad inscription.
  • Your draft place and the complete information about the address on your logbook (V5C).
  • The clocked digits of the vehicle that you are inquiring practically.
  • What data you often require, for instance, the date when you purchased it and when the vehicle was main registered.  And the request regarded to the vehicle is transmitted by the post and email.
What We Do   

At the Check MOT History we feel arrogant and dignity in assisting you in the way that we provide you the reasonable guardian record along with the whole vehicle life span when it was designed. It will be approved to be very beneficial for you to survey it is a very reliable way that you are near to buy. The overall report of the vehicle that we will prepare for the total history of your vehicle, it will be delivered in front of you the history of the proprietor in the three various sectors.

These localities indicate the main aspects according to their beneficial and non-beneficial criteria’s and their management:
If the digits of the guardians are limited and less then the number 4, it shows the green color which suggests that the vehicle that you are willing to buy adequate and valuable to buy without any reluctance. If the digits of the guardians are more and cross the number 4, it will be depicted in the color yellow, which signifies that it demonstrates that it is reliable to accept to and to purchase.
“Get your vehicle report surveyed now.”


Most of the time, many people change the license plate of their vehicle according to their desire and aspire. The license plate has the expiry date, and the expiry date of this plate encloses a lot of crucial problems and cases regarding the vehicle and then expires after the due date. To disclose the chronology of plate alternation and the transverse survey with the merchant. It is always very important and necessary to recognize the survey of number plate. In the case of alternation of the plate, if the vendor declares, this statement clarifies the clarity of every doubt and a surety that there is no problem regarding its change. But in the inverse case, if the merchant not discusses it and not instruct you about its drawback, then at that spot you must be reanalyzed, either you have to appoint this opportunity or not somewhere purchase that used vehicle.

Regarding purchasing any type of vehicle, you always should be assured about its guarantee and surety that will be offered by the vendor, and the second thing is that the excellence of the vehicle. For the examination and survey of your vehicle before purchasing it. At the Check MOT History always is assured with our DVLD vehicle clocked survey. At the Check MOT History we our team will ensure to assist you in all circumstances and provides you the renovated data of your vehicle. At the Check MOT History, we supply all information related to its facts and figures that are linked to that vehicle which you are going to purchase. We prepared a 100% accurate report with trustworthy and reliable citation data that is officially clocked of your vehicle surety either it is useful to buy and not. Be feeling secure, because when you accomplish the examination of your vehicle, then you’re private data and information is never accumulated. Using our service, the Check MOT History you can receive the required data and information related to the vehicle that you are going to buy practically instantly. 

There is no necessity to trash your prior time on going there and arrange the formalities and commission at your provincial DMV.  How to look upon the plate in the situation? Just you have to you had to enter the number on the license into our website, in a few minutes you can obtain the short prepared report of your vehicle to get the results. And you can glimpse it in just a few minutes on the screen of your mobile phone, PC and laptop. In the case, if the financial outstanding is not rectify appropriately, and when you were purchasing with a devoid satisfactory preliminary record of alteration of the plate of the vehicle, then there are a lot of opportunities that diminish to mislay the automobile and the invested income. 

What We Do?

At the Check MOT History, we and our expert team will cooperate with you and help you to comprehend all the consequences related to your vehicle and furnish you with all the details and surveys of the number plate of your vehicle. The prepared report and documentation of the vehicle will assist you with the overall rate of the vehicle keepers and the alteration of license plate in rows. 

  • That data that you will obtain from the report of your vehicle by the Check MOT History:
  • The records of accidents and emergencies.
  • Survey history of repossession and the lien situation. 
  • Total distance covered by the vehicle.
  • Harmed due to the fire, accidents and by natural phenomena.
  • Employment, assessment and the clocked and maintained a history of the vehicle.

If the condition is encountered there has been no alteration of the license plate as such as before, so there is a sign that will imply it. It will be illustrated in green color, which means that this vehicle is highly secure and safe to buy. And in the opposite situation, if there has been an alteration in the license plate, it will be exhibited in the yellow color. When you are going to decide to purchase the vehicle with the chances of numerous alterations of the license plate, then you should be ensured to buy that vehicle with proper investigation and references.